Wovel Eases Shoveling Woes

It is snowing heavily, and as you look out the driveway, you realize that huge clumps of snow are already building up outside, blocking your vehicle from leaving the house. What are some of the choices you currently have at the moment? You can perform the dirty job of shoveling snow yourself by the traditional method or use snow blowers, but your aching body tells you that you’re not up to par physically for such a demanding job. Should your kids have flown the coop, tough luck for you. Thankfully, there is the Wovel that marries both the old and new in order to help out similar people in your predicament.

This unique device is called the Wovel that takes after a wheeled snow shovel design, offering similar performance levels as a traditional shovel with just 20% of exertion required. Thanks to the special design, the Wovel enables the user to throw snow into piles that are over four feet in height without breaking some major sweat. The Wovel has also proven to be approximately four to five times more efficient than old school shoveling methods, reducing back stress and the risk of picking up physical injuries to the lower back.

The Wovel comes with an adjustable fulcrum point that gives you the power of leverage, and is capable of outperforming snow blowers as well as getting the job done two to three times faster. You can pick up a Wovel today for $120 and ease your shoveling woes. Accessories for the Wovel are also available, with a chipper blade for hard pack snow and ice, while foam grips for greater comfort make the entire shoveling experience much more enjoyable.