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Our wheeled snow shovels are designed to greatly reduce the physical strain of shoveling and the related risks of back and heart injuries. Our wheeled snow shovel was the subject of an independent study by the University of Massachusetts (Bryan Buchholz, PhD, Professor and Director, Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology) which focused on lower back stress and overall exertion as compared to traditional snow shovels. The results are quite compelling, finding the wheeled shovels virtually eliminated lower back stress.

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Clear snow as much as 3x faster than using a snow shovel. That’s what people keep telling us. Sound amazing? Well, we proved it in test after test in some of the toughest snow conditions (over 2 feet and in snow-plow packed driveway aprons) with shovels, Snow Wolf wheeled snow shovels and even snow blowers.



The Snow Wolf greatly reduces the very real risks of back and heart injuries from snow shoveling. The awkward motions you make with a standard snow shovel can overstrain your back muscles and increase your risk of heart attack.



Experience the powerful leverage of the Snow Wolf -power that makes it easy to carry and throw larger snow piles exactly where you want, without a whole lot of upper-body strength.

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Snow Wolf


“I just used my Snow Wolf for the first time, I am amazed, you have reinvented the wheel, my heart rate hardly increased at all, I estimate it is ten times easier than a shovel, I can not believe it was not ‘discovered’ fifty years ago. One of my patients is an emergency room nurse, who told me just on Monday that she lost two 40 year old guys in the last week due to heart attacks after shoveling snow, I can’t help but think that the ease of the Snow Wolf would of made the difference. I hope you guys know what a truly incredible product you have.”

Dr. Richard L. – Connecticut

“In Colorado’s record winter snowfalls, my daughter–worried about her aging mother’s back and heart–ordered a Snow Wolf for me. It arrived late on a Thursday night, in falling snow, and I put it together single-handed before I went to bed. A couple of days later, as the snow was ending, I got my walks and driveway done, and did those of the astonished neighbors on both sides, who were vastly amused by it and had turns playing with it. It took very little time, and minimal effort, and is an absolutely nifty device.”

Pat F.  – Colorado

“After reading the article on the Snow Wolf in our News Journal newspaper in October, I went online, checked your website, and with a little skepticism, called the toll-free number and ordered the Snow Wolf. After the snowstorm February 12th, 2006 left 9 to 14 inches on our door step, using the Snow Wolf, I cleared our driveway in 1 hour and 30 minutes, without taking a break. Normally using my manual snowplow/shovel, it took me 4 hours, plus the breaks. I’m giving you TWO THUMBS UP for the engineering of this SNOW WOLF.”

Phillip D. – Maryland

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