EARLY Season Tip!

You never know which season will bring heavy cumulative snowfall. Should that occur you want to really try to get those early snows cleared as far off your driveway as you can, to reduce the size of the berm that builds up and make future snow clearing easier for later in the season.  With regular […]


There’s Snow Business Like Shoveling

By Vicky Sanderson • Toronto Star The recent mix of mild and cold weather may have created a very un-Canadian feeling that snow removal won’t be a big worry this year. But before you relax too much, let’s not forget that snowy January in 1999 when then-Toronto mayor Mel Lastman called in the army to […]


Wovel Eases Shoveling Woes

It is snowing heavily, and as you look out the driveway, you realize that huge clumps of snow are already building up outside, blocking your vehicle from leaving the house. What are some of the choices you currently have at the moment? You can perform the dirty job of shoveling snow yourself by the traditional […]


Highly Efficient Wovel: wheeled snow shovel

By Mike Hanlon • Replace the intricate wheel casting with wooden spokes and it’s possible to believe that the Wovel was designed and built a thousand years ago – it has an air of elegant simplicity that belies the amount of thought and science which went into its design. The Wovel is a wheeled […]


Research Confirms Breakthrough In Snow Removal

The Wovel ®Goes Global As “The World’s Safest Snow Shovel” The Wovel® wheeled snow shovel is defining the new physics of snow removal by introducing an extraordinary degree of safety combined with performance. Now, the University of Massachusetts, one of the top U.S. ergonomic research centers has released the results of an independent study which […]


Business Week: Snow Shoveling Made Easy

For some, shoveling snow is nothing more than a brisk morning workout. But for many others, all that bending, lifting, and twisting may lead to back problems – or worse. Not with this weird-looking snow shovel. Wovel (rhymes with shovel) is the latesst in ergonomic shovels that make moving the white stuff easier on your […]


A Healthy Bargain

If back problems and over-exertion are concerns while shoveling snow, maybe The Wovel would be a good gift. It’s a shovel on a wheel. And instead of lifting a heavy shovel full of snow, you just push down on the handlebar, the scooper lifts up and throws the snow forward. Not cheap at $159.95, but […]