Leaf Loader Universal Yard Cleanup Tool (851167003003)


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Leaf Loader Yard Cleanup Tool

The Leaf Loader eliminates time wasted raking into piles, bending and scooping, making yard clean-up twice as fast. The 4 foot wide-mouth funnel will quickly “swallow” even the biggest yard clean-up projects. Leaf loader quickly stuffs bags by filling and compressing in one easy step. Rake leaves into funnel from up to ten feet away – so no need to waste time raking and re-raking leaves into piles or cleaning up the leaf piles). Works great with bag, cans or bins of any size or shape. The rigid frame design keeps the leaf loader firmly-flat on any surface (so leaves go in and NOT under when raking), including lawns, walks and driveways, ensuring leaves and even the smallest debris rakes quickly into the funnel and not underneath. The compact leaf loader pops open for quick use and folds flat in seconds for easy storage. Fully adjustable to fit any bin, bag or can. Durable, waterproof material with reinforced frame, includes quick-grip handle and adjustable strap. Also great for cleaning up work sites, gutter cleaning and more.

Top Features:

  • Fully adjustable to fit any size bag or can or bin
  • Up to four foot “wide mouth”funnel
  • Super stuffs cans or bags in under a minute – just rake and tip
  • Replaces bag stand, pickup rakes, and tarps – all in one.
  • Durable, waterproof material and reinforced frame
  • Adjustable strap to adapt to
  • Folds flat in seconds for easy storage
  • Eliminates time wasted raking into piles and picking them up
  • Super stuffs 70 gallon can that can move more leaves/debris than a 10’x12’ tarp
  • Manufacture warranty – 3 months


Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 2 in


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