Chipper Plate Accessory (94922534057)


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Make using your Snow Wolf even easier and more versatile.

It may be hard to believe, but using your Snow Wolf™ wheeled snow shovel just got even easier! Add these accessories, and you add more comfort, convenience, and life to your Snow Wolf™ wheeled snow shovel.

Nothing stops a Snow Wolf wheeled snow shovel. Not even hard-, ice-, or plow-packed snow—the kind of snow that can stop snow shovels and snow blowers cold…not even 2 feet of snow plow-packed snow drifts. By adding the Chipper Plate to the lower-body assembly of your Snow Wolf wheeled snow shovel, you can combine the force of a chipping edge with the already-powerful Snow Wolf blade to cut right through snow in any condition. Attaching in just seconds, the Chipper Plate tightens with a simple finger twist of the plastic knobs. The Chipper Plate adds a new dimension of power for clearing packed snow and ice, AND INSTALLS WITH NO TOOLS!.


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