Gravel Wheels Accessory (94922534071)


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A More Effective and Versatile Snow Wolf!

Gravel Wheels Accessory Makes your Snow Wolf or Sno Wovel™ (fits both models) even more effective: Gravel Wheels keep the blade just above stones and uneven surfaces to ease all those difficult-to-clear surfaces!. Attaches quickly when needed with easy removal (no tools needed!).

Have a gravel drive or a path? Uneven stone or pavers? With a little downward pressure on the Snow Wolf wheeled snow shovel handle, you can reduce the ground resistance and keep the Snow Wolf snow scoop above gravel and uneven surfaces. Or even easier, by adding the Gravel Wheels accessory, you can enjoy even greater clearance. The wheels keep the shovel blade about an inch off the ground while clearing…so you’ll never dig up your gravel. No snow shovels or other device can match the Snow Wolf’s ability to clear snow in gravelly, uneven, grooved services. No more jarring stops when your shovel blade hits a high point in an uneven surface. The Gravel Wheels allow you to cruise smoothly and efficiently through the snow. In very heavy or wet snow, you can attach the optional Gravel Wheels to make heavy loads even easier to move, AND INSTALLS WITH NO TOOLS!.


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